Top 3 benefits of engaging with user-generated content for brands and businesses

​User-generated content is defined as any type of content that has been created and shared by unpaid contributors or, as many brands call them; fans. It can be an array of tools such as videos, images, tweets, blogs, and testimonials (written or video), and are created and shared for USERS to promote a brand rather than the brand itself.  The power of user-generated content lies in its potential for emotion. A business or brand telling the story of someone else’s experience is not as impactful as a person sharing his or her own story.
WEBABLE has listed our 3 top benefits of engaging with user-generated content for brands and businesses.


1. Free Content. One of the main benefits of integrating user-generated content into your communication and social media strategy is the aspect of free content. Aside from the time that it will take you to work on your strategy to collect and collate the content, there are no other expenses for you. User-generated content provides you with free content that you can share and re-post also.

Creating consistent content is a challenge for content marketers. By implementing user –generated content it reduces the burden to produce consistent content. A simple image or review from a real customer can give an in-depth look into your product or service and having your own customers as your brand advocates gives you the opportunity for free content and to tap into this powerhouse of innovation and creativity from the perspective of your customers.

2.  Build Trust. Research shows that people trust their peers more than they trust a business or brand that is promoting and marketing themselves. Integrating user-generated content into your communications and social media strategy helps build a trusting and strong community and having other people promote your brand through video, testimonials, comments etc. is an asset that builds credibility of your business.

A study by Nielson shows that two-thirds of customers trust customer opinions online. ( When customers see that a follower/fan has contributed with their own content, it instills a feeling of genuine trust and this is something extremely hard to purchase. Build audience trust by getting true brand advocates to write and share content that they believe in.

3. Increase your reach. An excellent benefit of user-generated content is the opportunity to increase reach. If you are sharing user-generated content throughout your social media channels, there is a very good chance that the person who created and posted the content will share their own post with their friends and followers and will hopefully share your post also. Increased reach is an excellent reason for using user-generated content in your communications and social media strategy.

Customers crave authenticity, and brands are always on the lookout for new ways to expand their reach. User-generated content can help your brand connect and engage with customers in a cost-effective way and by calling on your target audience to produce their own content, you can easily decrease your costs and find new ways to engage with your audience through different platforms.

​Brands are turning to users to come up with creative plans for brand building with the help of social media. Discovering endless fresh content ideas can now be put in the hands of your customers and let your brand users to contribute to innovative and creative content creation. As stated above, user-generated content has its added advantage of appealing to consumers more as it is considered more authentic over strategic selling strategies.If you are looking to engage user-generated content in your next social media campaign, WEBABLE can help. 

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